Dredge Master Office

Foreshore Technology introduce Dredge Master Office an offline preparation and design application to support all your dredging and terrestrial operations.

Project Planning

Use Dredge Master Office to load AutoCAD charts of your project area, set up and test your geodetic parameters and load bathymetry xyz data. Quickly and simply define trenches, foundation designs and pits or load in more advanced designs as xyz data.

Data processing

Clean Hydrographic survey data collected using Dredge Master survey using the intuitive and simple tools. TIN (Triangular Irregular Network) survey data that you have collected from Dredge Master Survey or external packages. Create contour maps and export them as AutoCad Drawings to include in your project.




Report on the statistics and driver notes collected by the Dredge Master applications to provide daily, weekly or monthly reports for your clients. Inspect the location and vessel trail of your vessels against licence areas. Playback your dredging activities to see the vessel movements and dredging record over the life time of your project.